Think Ink or Paste?

Okay, this question has been asked over and over.  How do you decide what to use ink or paste on your project?


  • Is permanent once you heat-set it.
  • Will need to heat set the fabric projet with Cricut easy press (300 degrees for 30 seconds) or with medium heat iron (4 minutes on each side).
  • Make sure you use parchment paper between your easy press or iron and the project.
  • If you’re inking mug or plate; you can put them in a cold medium oven (like a toaster oven that you do not use with food in it)  and heat it up to 300-350 for 30 minutes to set it.
  • It is recommended that you wait for the ink to dry before putting it in the oven. Usually 24-48 hours.
  • The lid is white with the word of INK on it


  • Is removable with water
  • Is not removable on WOOD. You will have to sand or paint to remove the stains from the paste
  • Once it is heat set with a craft heat gun, it does not smudge or smear
  • It can be layered with different colors as well
  • You can even use glitter on top of the paste (when it is wet!)
  • The lid is black with the word PASTE on it


  • Pastes have ONE YEAR Shelf life UNOPENED
  • Pastes have SIX MONTHS shelf life OPENED
  • If pastes are thickened or hard, you can add a small amount of DISTILLED water to it and stir well.
  • Clean the rim of the jar before the lid is closed on the jar to help it last longer
  • Pastes do not stick to plastic very good so it is not recommended to work with plastic.
  • If you are using ink on a plate or charger plate. PLEASE do not use it for food.  It is not recommended to do that.



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