Fuzzing a Transfer 101

What in the WORLD is Fuzzing?!?

The design of the transfer and the surface that you will use to create the project can affect how well the transfer will sticks.  We do highly recommend “fuzzing” the transfers before use.   For using on mirrors, windows, or any other “slick” surfaces, you definitely will need to fuzz more than usual.

Use our Fuzzing Cloth to put the transfer on then peel off/on a few times until it is not so sticky before you put it on your surface.

After you are done using it; please make sure you clean it with lukewarm water to remove the fuzz fiber and paste/ink.

However, if you do not have a fuzzing cloth.  You can use a kitchen dish towel as well.

How to take care of the fuzzing cloth: wash in cold water with mild soap and NO FABRIC SOFTNER!   Hang it and let it dry. DO not put it in the dryer!

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Wax or No Wax?

Wax or No Wax??

To wax or not to wax?!  That is the million-dollar question! There are TWO main reasons to wax a surface. One is to protect your transfer and the second is to help the pastes/inks stick to the surfaces better.

How to decide if the surface needs wax? Those following items DO NEED wax before you use the transfers.

  • One time use board
  • ANY painted surface
  • Raw wood
  • CC Pallet Boards
  • CC Box Frames
  • CC Cut-Outs
  • CC Mini Tags/Door Tags
  • Other Store brand chalkboards
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Think Ink or Paste?

Okay, this question has been asked over and over.  How do you decide what to use ink or paste on your project?


  • Is permanent once you heat-set it.
  • Will need to heat set the fabric projet with Cricut easy press (300 degrees for 30 seconds) or with medium heat iron (4 minutes on each side).
  • Make sure you use parchment paper between your easy press or iron and the project.
  • If you’re inking mug or plate; you can put them in a cold medium oven (like a toaster oven that you do not use with food in it)  and heat it up to 300-350 for 30 minutes to set it.
  • It is recommended that you wait for the ink to dry before putting it in the oven. Usually 24-48 hours.
  • The lid is white with the word of INK on it


  • Is removable with water
  • Is not removable on WOOD. You will have to sand or paint to remove the stains from the paste
  • Once it is heat set with a craft heat gun, it does not smudge or smear
  • It can be layered with different colors as well
  • You can even use glitter on top of the paste (when it is wet!)
  • The lid is black with the word PASTE on it


  • Pastes have ONE YEAR Shelf life UNOPENED
  • Pastes have SIX MONTHS shelf life OPENED
  • If pastes are thickened or hard, you can add a small amount of DISTILLED water to it and stir well.
  • Clean the rim of the jar before the lid is closed on the jar to help it last longer
  • Pastes do not stick to plastic very good so it is not recommended to work with plastic.
  • If you are using ink on a plate or charger plate. PLEASE do not use it for food.  It is not recommended to do that.



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Welcome Sign

Supplies Used:

Black Velvet & Bright White Pastes  $12.99

Welcome to the Porch $24.99

12″ round board (pack of 12) $20.88 at Amazon

Sunflower (Walmart ) & Ladybug (Hobby Lobby)

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