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Questions & Answers about becoming Hobbyist/Business Designers.

Are you interested in learning more details about becoming our Designers? ¬†Don’t worry! I’ve got you covered! ūüôā ¬† This page will cover all of your questions that you have about signing up with Chalk Couture. ¬†

FYI, Independent Designer is another word for Independent Consultant and it is just more fancier word. ¬† If there’s a question you have that is not on here, please contact me and I’d be happy to help you!

Would you like to have the opportunity to earn:

  • Some fun money?
  • Make a full time income?
  • Earn some incentive trips?
  • Get 40% off all of the awesome products?
  • Earn FREE product credits every month?
  • Be part of a large Deaf/HoH Designer Team?
How much is the designer starter kit?
It is $99 (USA) and $129 (CAD) before tax and shipping.  The kit is worth $250!  Want to see what is in the starter kit?  Click {HERE}.
What is the quarterly minimum?
As a Designer, you will need $100PV to stay active PER QUARTER. You can do that easily by buying for selling.  Your own orders, customers orders and inventory orders does apply to the $100PV.
What are the quarter schedule?
  • Quarter 1 is January 1st to March 31st
  • Quarter 2 is April 1st to June 30th
  • Quarter 3 is July 1st to September 30th
  • Quarter 4 is October 1st to December 31st.

Do I get a discount?

YES you do! It is 40%!! How awesome is that??!!  The price on the products in the back office is ALREADY discounted for us. 

How does the commission work?
If a customer order from your chalk-site (your website) you will get 25% commission that will be paid the NEXT MONTH on the 15th through your chalkpay card.

If you have over $2,000 of sales in ONE MONTH, you will get what they call “SAVVY SELLER BONUS” an extra $200 CASH BONUS on the top of your commission check.
What is PV?
PV is called Personal Volume.¬† PV is the sales total from your orders, customer’s orders and inventory orders.

PV does play a big role for the DD (Designer Dollars).  Please see the next section for more information on DD.
What are Designer Dollars?  How does that work?
For every $200PV you have in sales per month, you will earn $20 Designer Dollars (DD) (Products Credit).

For example, if you have $600PV; you would ear $60DD.  This will be posted to your account on the 15th of NEXT MONTH.  You will have 60 days to use its up or you lose it.

It will show up in your back-office under a box called “Your Designer Dollars”. ¬†It is in the top row in the middle.

What is Designer Debut?
It is a really cool program.  However, you are NOT required to do this.  This is strongly encouraged for those who want to make this a business.  It has THREE phases.  This program was changed and went into effect as of February 2021.

The first phases starts during the SIGN UP MONTH plus the next month.  You can even earn more DD when someone signs up under you.   Please see chart #2

For example:  you join in April 2021.
  • Phase #1 is April PLUS May.
  • Phase #2 will be June.
  • Phase #3 will be July.

If you hit ALL three phases AND sponsor someone. You can earn up to $350 in DD! You would need to do $400PV ¬†PER PHASE in order to get those 50DD. ¬†Also, there is NO limit on how many people you ca sign up on to your team. Please see “What I can use Designer Dollars on?” to see what you can use the DD on.

Do you have a career plan?

Yes, we do and it is AWESOME comp plan!  Please message me for the PDF chart of it. 


Can I earn extra incentives? 

YES! You can!  

  • Designer Debut
  • Incentive Trips
  • Monthly Designer Dollars (based on your monthly sales)


Is there a Designer Subscription?
Yes, we do.  We have the Designer Subscription which is $19.99 a month.  It covers your chalk-site (website), monthly club transfer (without the single pastes) and app.

If you do not subscribe for this subscription; you won’t have the chalk-site or the monthly club transfer. ¬†This is highly recommended to have.

I am not interested in selling, but can I still join?

YES, you can! You will still have the same rules as a business designer. Both are the one and only same.

You’d just need to get the designer subscription to get the monthly transfer and put in your own order, which is $100PV per quarter.

Are inventory required?
No, it is not required at all.

Do you have a team page? 

YES!  I do have a Facebook team group.  Our team name is called ASL Messy Chalkers.  Once I get the email from Chalk Couture informing me of your approved application. I will add you to the group page. 

How do I sign up?
It is easy!  Click on the button below and it will take you directly to the join Chalk Couture via my website.

What is A, B, C, D & E Size?

It is what we call our transfers due to their sizes

  • A size is 5×7
  • B size is 8.5×11
  • C size is 12×18
  • D size is 18×18
  • E size is 18×24

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