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About Jen

Hi I’m Jen.  I’m a Deaf Independent Chalk Couture Designer.  I have been married to Jeff for 25 years.  I am a stay at home mom to 3 boys (age 23, 19, and 17). I am Nana to 4 years old and foster mom to 2 years old.  I own a boxer, name Dozer, age 5 that you will see occasional on Facebook live.   I am adding another boxer pup to the family in May of 2021.

I was introduced to Chalk Couture in 2017 by Mandy Leahy.  I fell in love with Chalk Couture because it was so much fun.  My passion grew so I had to become a designer.  It is so easy to decorate your home with quick projects from Chalk Couture! The best part about it is that you can re-use the transfers again in the future! AHH, those removable pastes for easy change!! AMAZING!!

I am leading one and the only Deaf and HOH team designers that are called, “ASL MESSY CHALKERS”.  We have different levels of interests that are range from hobby to business owners. Whatever your interests are, you would fit right in with us.

I look forward to helping you with all of your chalkin’ needs! Feel free to contact me! 🙂

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